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daily_doll's Journal

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New Doll Photos Every Day!
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Daily Doll Photos
We are a fun and active community dedicated to doll pictures. There are a few rules, please read them over before posting.

1. One post per day, with one photo in it, per member. There should be no text in the post, just your doll's picture. Feel free to have more than one doll in a picture though!

2. For our purposes, a doll is defined as a representation of some kind of humanoid. So a satyr or mermaid doll would be okay, but Breyer horses wouldn't be. Dolls with their pets are fine.

3. When you post, put only your doll's name (the name you gave the doll, if applicable) in the subject, and the company and model of the doll in the tags. For example, your subject might be "Isabel", and the tags "american girl, goml". This is a perfect example.

4. If there are no tags appropriate for your doll, comment to your post with the tags you need and we'll add them.

5. Unless it is NSFW, your image doesn't don't have to be behind a cut - just use common sense about the size. If you post an image so big that people complain, we'll probably ask you to shrink it or put it behind a cut. If your picture is NSFW, put it behind a cut with a warning.

6. If the doll does not belong to you, make sure you ask permission before posting. The same goes for photos; if you didn't take the photo, please ask first.

7. If your post does not follow these rules, you will be asked to change it. If it doesn't get changed, it will be removed

8. Comments to posts are encouraged! Everyone likes to talk about their dolls, right? Feel free to share anything about them that you want in the comments - links to shops, purchasing info, character stories, etc.

9. Photos aren't the only thing to post; any kind of doll art is welcome. Be creative!

10. We don't want to deal with drama, so don't make us.

11. bean_bunny and janenx01 are your mods. If you have any questions, etc., please do not hesitate to PM us.

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